The DANCER’s inspiration comes from far away, from the rupestrian drawings of the various areas of the world, where the ancients felt the need of writing, of telling their own experience. Like them, pushed by the necessity to write, aware that the passage on earth is so quick, the artist tried to give his contribution to the process of the infinity imagining life as a great painting in constant change, infinite, where each one with its own passage has to add a brush stroke of color, a shade, a note.
The artist contributes to this, to a brush stroke, to a shade, to something essential to the process of infinity.

“My artistic contribution is that of joining those that before me have given depth to this artistic process and to add my light brush stroke to the infinite history of humanity”

The ancient artistic representations, in particular those from prehistory, are able to convey this force of spirit that tends to infinity. Those artists are witnessing their acceptance of life. Their incredible difficulties, the moments of a complicated existence, the climate aversion and the daily struggles for survival are lightened by movement, by dance, by the light running, by the gracious drawings, by dream and abstraction. They dealt with art in very difficult situations, they used to paint by light of small torches inside dark caves, exhausted by vital activities necessary for their survival. And despite this, they felt the need of writing, drawing and handing down.
The DANCERS take their shape from tenacity and strength of spirit. The balances are those of wisdom, there is no need for physical violence to continue, there is no need to destroy to dominate. They followed the needs, understood the occurrence, proceeded by making, dancing, fighting with the strongest of all the weapons, the intelligence. The DANCERS are in movement, they go against nature, they dance, they fly, they have an almost impossible balance, they defy the known and the force of gravity. In fact, there is no gravity but force, beauty, faith in the future, not concern, but care for what is needed. This is the aim of art, of life. Operate for the infinite, not thinking about today but about the continuity, about the infinity.


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