“Monumental art has the ability to provide such wonder and awe and I believe strongly that such art should be a part of  daily life.”

- Antonio Signorini

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About Antonio Signorini


Antonio Signorini is a highly motivated, talented and uniquely focused Italian artist of the highest standards.

From a young age, Antonio has been singularly motivated by a fascination with the ability to turn the two dimensional into three, drawings into sculpture and the impact art has within the context of occupying space.

Signorini studied both as an artist and draughtsman first in Milan, where he worked for a number of years in Italian fashion design with the largest fashion houses in the market today.

It was here that Signorini developed a passion for highly tactile materials and he started to introduce a wide range into his artworks and designs.

Antonio Signorini Horse

Later in Florence, Signorini worked in the highly acclaimed studio of Mario Pachioli. Under Pachioli’s pupilage Signorini explored traditional sculpture techniques using metal and ceramics.

He gained a deep understanding of capturing monolythic figures and the human body through art. It was in Florence that Signorini developed a great appreciation for monumental pieces.  

An innate pressure to achieve the unattainable quality of the Renaissance Masters instilled a determination in Signorini to strive to create his own stunning monumental works.

Signorini’s artworks celebrate a mixture of techniques, as well as using oil colours and carved plaster to create “sculptured paintings”.

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A polyhedric artist, he works with a variety of materials and he is continually experimenting with new techniques.

He creates his own colours, utilising the traditional craftsmanship of ancient masters, as well as introducing contemporary innovation and technology to his artistry.

In his latest works, Signorini has begun to incorporate and combine inspiration and techniques  from antiques historic literature, philosophy, mythology and archaeology.



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