Antonio Signorini


Flying Horses Unveiling

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Under the patronage of Dubai Municipality, ‘The Flying Horses’ by Antonio Signorini are unveiled at Alserkal Avenue An action-packed series of publicly accessible exhibitions and discussion panels are set to take place in celebration of the Dubai art season 19 March, Dubai, UAE: Under the patronage of Dubai Municipality, 71 StructuralArt, in collaboration with KBS Communications, and supported by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, and Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeology Museum, unveiled ‘The Flying Horses’ by Antonio Signorini, a collection of four bronze sculptures that creatively depict the gracious power of every horse that has ever roamed across the Arabian Peninsula. The art pieces serve as a symbolic representation of the cultural and artistic heritage of the region and will remain at Alserkal Avenue until 19th April as part of a public exhibition. Amongst the attendees of the event were His Excellency Liborio Stellino, Italian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Her Excellency Valentina Setta, Consul General of Italy, and His Excellency Assaf Doumit, Consul General of Lebanon.

The unveiling event also marked the start of a series events that will be hosted by Dubai Municipality, 71 StructuralArt and KBS Communications between 18th March and 5th May. The events will comprise of public exhibitions featuring international artists, and a vast array of panels that will discuss topics such as ‘women’s contribution to the art business’ and ‘culture and education in the UAE’.

Antonio Signorini, the international artist who crafted the sculptures, shared his thoughts by stating: “The inspiration for The Flying Horses comes directly from the region’s deeply rich artistic history, and the culture of the land. The Flying Horses symbolize the cultural significance of ancient rock art.

Signorini carried on this sentiment by adding: “I dedicate The Flying Horses to the region. This collection has been created as a journey that has no end, exploring the infinite relationship between art and the essence of horses.

‘The Flying Horses’ display an impossible balance, disobeying gravity. They are flying, like the light of the stars, coming from far away. Their origin is a mystery, as is their destination. They are captured soaring through the atmosphere, traversing from one world to another in their flight across space and time.

In gazing upon them we are forced to accept the unknown and lessen our grip on reality. Therefore, acquiring the ultimate bravery – accepting the unreality of reality.

These flying horses cannot be fully grasped, for they are a sensation rather than a physicality. Evoking light as though they are born of it. Comets in the night sky. Hence, each piece is named after our brightest stars: Sun, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, and Arcturus.”

Paola Myriam Visconti, the founder of 71 StructuralArt added: “The UAE is a hub for creativity and a place of artistic inspiration. Not only artists like Antonio Signorini are able to create their sculptures here in a city full of life, they are also able to use art as a communication tool; engaging with the community through art events allows artists to promote the essence of art, and highlights the importance of investing in the education of aspiring artists in the region.”

Kawthar Bin Sulayem, Emirati Serial Entrepreneur and founder of KBS Communications expressed her sentiments on the importance of the art events in the UAE by saying: “The UAE art scene is growing exponentially. As an Emirati entrepreneur, I’m devoted to the development of the art industry in the UAE; I believe that through investment from the private sector and support from entrepreneurs, art will continue to boom across the region, which will lead to the advancement of art engagement from a grassroots level and beyond and subsequently, increased career opportunities for talented Emirati’s.”

Kawthar Bin Sulayem continued sharing her thoughts on the future of the art industry in the UAE, adding: “My vision is to help aspiring and established individuals alike in the art sector. Exhibitions and discussion panels like this will create an environment where community members will have access to high-level artistry, which will undoubtedly place the UAE as leaders in the industry.”

The series of events and activities will run in conjunction with Dubai art season, and shall be hosted at Al Shindagha and 71 StructuralArt’s Warehouse 40 located in Alserkal Avenue, under official support from Dubai Culture and Art Authority, Saruq Al-Hadid, the Consulate General of Italy, Alliance FranНaise Dubai and the American University In Dubai. The series is set to present an array of unique and thought provoking public events such as, the first reveal of Antonio Signorini’s latest sculptures, a limited time exhibition featuring artists from the Parisian art gallery Mark Hachem, and renowned Saudi artist, Shorouq Bint Fahd, alongside an eclectic range of discussion panels and art activities that will include: ‘Women and their contribution in the art business’, ‘Culture and Education in the UAE’, ‘Inspiration from Archaeology and Heritage’ and ‘How prestigious universities are supporting the Archaeology and Art programs in the United Arab Emirates’.

For more information on how you can attend the panel discussions and exhibitions taking place at Saruq Al-Hadid Museum and Alserkal Avenue until May 5th, please contact or call 04 331 6661.