Antonio Signorini is a highly motivated, talented and uniquely focused Italian artist of the highest standards.

Released under creative Commons Attribution 4.0

From a young age, Antonio has been singularly motivated by a fascination with the ability to turn the two dimensional into three, drawings into sculpture and the impact art has within the context of occupying space.
His journey in life started under the wide skies of Tuscany, where he was born in 1971 and was immediately immersed in the strong history of this region. During his childhood he shared his father’s passion for art. Together they visited museums, monuments and archaeological sites all around Europe and this triggered a life-long process of research into the essence of art where he has spent many long hours trying to understand its meaning and beauty.
“It is important to remember that art exists to be shared; it is for everyone. You cannot ever really own art because it is never just yours alone…”
Following the artistic tradition of the Renaissance artists whose work surrounded him in Florence, Rome and Milan, Signorini takes pride in giving body and volume to a simple line and transforming a flat surface into a tridimensional physical space.
In 1990, in Milan, his interest opened up to new horizons and Signorini began to experiment with artistic drawing by directing a production and design team, which allowed him to understand and experiment with contemporary materials and enabled him to foster a deep understanding of Italian fashion design. From 2001 to 2003 his desire to improve his expressive techniques took him to Florence, where he increased his knowledge  in bronze and ceramic sculpture as well as traditional techniques. He also pursued his investigation into the world’s ancient civilizations and the study of the artistic revolution brought about by the Renaissance.
In 2004 he moved to London where he lived and worked for 15 years. It is there that his research found the most suitable context for him and he worked on a full project of historical and artistic evaluation of the city. During this time he developed the practice of “structuralart” where he developed a method of working with architectural projects in cities all over the world – intervening at a structural level to ensure art is incorporated at all levels within the buildings he works with.
Today, Signorini lives in Dubai where he finds the coexistence of ancient remnants of civilizations and ultra-modern architectural complexes hugely inspirational. Working next to one of the world’s most unique skylines and in a place that is still discovering its own history has given him the chance to draw a thread through history, archeology, artistic research and development of art pieces as well as continue to explore the flux between public and private urban spaces.
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